My family’s comfort zone has always been at home, spending time with family and friends, or on some court or field. There is never a good time to go away, but our family decided that a mission trip to help less fortunate children was a priority. Got Orphans was recommended to us by a friend, and our adventure in Haiti working in an orphanage was an amazing family bonding experience. I recommend this as extremely rewarding trip and a life changing experience!
Dan Bryant

I had the amazing pleasure of traveling with GOT Orphans in June of 2012 to Port-Au-Prince Haiti. This was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Not only did we get the opportunity to work with those in need, we got the chance to work collaboratively with other disciplines such as construction workers, speech therapists, etc. to bring the highest level of care with the materials that were available. As a therapist, I loved the challenge of bringing the knowledge that I have been given to Haiti and adapting to a new and challenging environment. GOT Orphans is an incredible organization that is extremely organized and thorough. They are truly passionate about bringing therapy services to those in need all across the world and are some of the most supportive and compassionate group of leaders.
Pauline Viscosi (OTR/L)

Last year, John and Tara McCormick, their children, and other therapists came to Rancho de los Ninos to spend a week of their vacation time serving our children. At the ranch we have 20 children, currently from 3 months to 23 years; half have special needs. During their week they spent a great deal of time assessing the needs of our children, writing programs, and training our staff to continue their work after they left. We are deeply grateful for their expertise in diagnosing, writing programs, providing necessary support materials, and training our staff.

We have been able to integrate many of their strategies into our regular routine with the children. For example, in the area of eating, we had three children who could not feed themselves independently. The McCormick group taught us how to move the children forward toward feeding independence. We are continuing to implement the strategies we learned from them and have seen tremendous improvement in this area of development. As new staff arrives, we train them in these strategies as well.

Since their visit, we have been able to advocate for our children at school resulting their receipt of physical and occupational therapy there. Between the school’s support and the programs implemented by the McCormick group our children now receive the assistance and instruction they would not have otherwise received. We are grateful to them and recommend them to others who care for children with special needs.

Rick Norquist
Rancho de los Ninos