How You Can Help


We know that you, and most people, would like to do more for the less fortunate. The problem is that there is always something in the way. Maybe you don’t have the skills needed to do something hands-on. Maybe you don’t have time to volunteer. Maybe you don’t have funds to spare, or what you can spare doesn’t feel like it will make enough of a difference. Well there are still a number of you can help:

Fundraising: Organize a fundraiser and combine whatever you can spare financially with other small (or large) contributions from your friends and neighbors. It all adds up!

Corporate Sponsorships: Do you own or work for a company that would like to give back to the community? The business will not only be helping a good cause, but it will also help to develop positive marketing and branding.

Volunteering: We are always looking for volunteers to help us with fundraising events, addressing envelopes, and just simply praying and spreading the word about these children and their needs.

Donations: We are always in need of donations. For obvious reasons, this work is not cheap or easily accomplished and the scale of the problem in daunting. We need every penny we can get to extend these services to all of those in need.